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Many Vilas Hall classes to resume Wednesday; some relocations continue through Friday

February 5, 2019, 3:34 pm

Most Vilas Hall classroom spaces will return to normal use on Wednesday.

Six classrooms — rooms 1153, 4070, 5013, 5055, 6041 and 6115 — are still unavailable. If you have a class scheduled in one of those rooms on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday, your section has been relocated to a new room on campus.

The fifth and sixth floors of the building will remain off-limits to all but facilities and cleanup workers. For safety reasons, faculty and staff must obtain permission from their department chair to visit the fifth and sixth floors; students are not allowed on those floors.

Please continue to mind all signage and temporary barriers in the building and on surrounding sidewalks.

If your courses normally meet in any other Vilas Hall spaces, they will return to those rooms beginning on Wednesday.

Thank you for your patience and help returning the building to service.