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Employee FAQ for Vilas Hall

February 5, 2019, 3:00 pm

Updated  3:30 p.m. Tuesday

Clean up and repair of Vilas Hall is continuing after burst pipes over the weekend caused significant damage.

All classes for Monday and Tuesday have been relocated and it is likely class relocations will continue later in the week as well. More information will be shared as it is available.

However, faculty and staff are being allowed in to remove personal belongings and assist with cleanup. The condition of offices and classrooms vary depending on the location and floor.

FP&M staff are expected to be in the building to assist in the recovery and answer questions. Common questions and answers are below. 

To send additional questions, email the Office of the Chancellor at

Q. What are the building hours?

A. The building is closed to the public, but will be open for faculty and staff to facilitate cleanup until 11 p.m.

Q. Will classes return to Vilas Wednesday?

A. It is unknown at this time, but likely that some relocation will be necessary. Clean up is continuing into Tuesday. More info will be provided Tuesday by email and on

Q: Is an elevator working in Vilas?  

A: Yes.

Q: Will there be a dumpster available to throw out rugs, papers or other damaged items.?  

A: Yes. Trash gondolas are being provided for personal items. Do not throw out university owned items that will need to be claimed for insurance purposes until authorized by Insurance Adjustor.

Q. What if computers, furniture or other state-owned items are damaged or destroyed? 

A. UW-Madison owned property damage should be photographed and reported to a Building Manager or directly to Margaret Hoffman, (608) 262-0379, . Do not throw away until authorized by Insurance Adjustor.

UW Risk Management will be working with FP&M and the building manager to gather all damages for the insurance claim. Also, the State Insurance adjustor will be on-site in Vilas Hall.

Q. What is the status of traffic on University Avenue?

A. Employees, pedestrians and motorists should be aware that the sidewalk and parts of the bike lane along northbound Park Street is closed to facilitate parking for service vehicles involved in cleanup efforts. Please avoid this side of the street.

Q: Should all personal belongings be removed from offices and work areas?

A. Yes. If possible, personal belongings should be removed, along with unusable, wet or damaged items.

Q. What about heavy items like bookshelves or larger furniture items?

A. Heavy items should not be moved by faculty, staff or students.  FP&M will have staff on site Tuesday to help with this task. 

Q. Do I need a mask or gloves to clean up ceiling tiles?

A. Gloves are being provided on site. Masks are not needed.

Q. Is there any resource for drying books, key records or research data?
A. Check with an FP&M representative in the building.

Also, additional information is available from University Libraries. 

Q. Will state insurance pay for damaged or destroyed personal items?

A. Unfortunately, no. The State of WI Self-Funded Property Program does not cover individual personal property (unless reported, authorized and utilized for mission of campus) .

Q. Has Wisconsin Public Broadcasting been affected?

A. Both Wisconsin Public Television and Radio remain on the air. However, Public Television offices and facilities in the lower levels of Vilas have been damaged. Offices are currently closed to the public.